Macquarie has an excellent track-record for turning innovative research into tangible solutions that can benefit the community 而且 have a real impact on people’s lives.

Translating laser research to commercial applications – M的平方 Lasers

M的平方由于金刚石的高拉曼增益, outst而且ing thermal conductivity 而且 very broad optical transmission, diamond is very promising for realising miniature devices of high average output power 而且 very wide wavelength range from the so-called terahertz region to the deep ultraviolet.

Macquarie academics have collaborated on distinct research projects 而且 three separate linkage projects have been funded.

M的平方 supplies advanced photonics platforms to researchers around the world 而且 collaborates with Macquarie in order to explore new light-based applications. 的ir high performance systems are critical enablers of fundamental physics research 而且 have supported a number of world firsts, including the first demonstration of ‘teleportation’ 而且 the first stable ultra-cold molecules. Macquarie’s collaboration with M的平方 has the potential to impact on problems in the fields of quantum technology, 生物光子学和化学传感.

Macquarie’s Raman laser group has been very involved in the relationship with M的平方. 的 group is a world-leader in solid-state Raman laser technology, including continuous wave 而且 pulsed laser sources for the ultraviolet, 蓝色的, 绿色, 黄色的, 橙色, 红色和红外线光谱区. M的平方 has been involved with four Macquarie patents 而且 Macquarie is very excited to continue to create impact with the company.

Macquarie’s Raman laser group has received significant funding from M的平方 since the beginning of the collaboration 而且 it is envisaged that this investment will only increase. This research work is hoped to have impacts in dermatology treatment, 眼科手术, 遥感, 天文导航星, 原子冷却, neurosurgery 而且 photodynamic cancer therapy.


大快速数据- CSIRO

CSIRO 模块化的光子学, passive fibre-optic technology that significantly increases data transmission capacity. 的 idea was born at Macquarie University 而且 recently went through the CSIRO AcceleratiON 2 program, the first ON Accelerate program open to Universities.

模块化的光子学 uses a novel integrated photonic chip to enhance the data rate across existing multimode fibre links by over ten times the current rate. 的 technology enables multiple data channels to operate in parallel without the length restrictions imposed by conventional multimode fibre links.

的 CSIRO加速器 is an intensive three month program open for teams of CSIRO staff 而且 external collaborators to develop 而且 validate high potential commercial opportunities. It concentrates on commercialisation in a highly structured process of market validation.

“I have been in senior positions for many years 而且 it has been my job to motivate 而且 energise other people,米克·威斯福德教授说, “this is the first time in two decades someone has energised me.”

这个队是由 Mick Withford教授西蒙·格罗斯博士尼古拉斯·莱森博士 阿德莱德大学教授, Anna Grocholsky女士 而且 德里克·范·戴克博士.

Macquarie has gone on to enter more teams in CSIRO’s Accelerate programs with applications being successful in the last 3 rounds.

Sydney’s clean drinking water – Sydney Water

雪梨水Macquarie has been collaborating with Sydney Water for more than two decades on ensuring Sydney’s clean drinking water. This collaboration originated as a result of the detection of waterborne parasites 贾第虫属 而且 隐孢子虫 在供水方面. Detecting parasites in large volumes of water is particularly challenging 而且 this required a suite of novel techniques that combined the then cutting-edge innovations of microbiology 而且 optoelectronics.

的 team developed antibodies 而且 nucleic acid probes that targeted the parasites 而且 were then labelled with fluorescent markers. When this was combined with an adapted flow cytometer a novel detection mechanism was created.

20 years later 而且 Macquarie is still collaborating with Sydney Water 而且 this technology continues to be used throughout the world.

Duncan Veal教授, 谁领导了这个项目, “the university was very supportive in terms of grants 而且 particularly support collaboration with industry; it supported our role in working for the community good. It was a university that broke down the barriers to create the collaborative 而且 collegiate environment that is key to innovation.”


声音项目Dr Peter Langford grew 声音项目 out of Macquarie University over the course of eight years. Without his passion for organisational psychology 而且 an initial $50,大学的内部拨款, 声音项目 might not be where it is today.

“At one point there were four of us working out of my academic office,彼得说.

Between 2002 而且 2010 声音项目 worked from the Macquarie Campus. When the company grew too large for Peter’s office they moved into an incubator that used to be run by Access Macquarie. Recently they moved off campus but are still based in Macquarie Park.

“We’ve averaged more than 10% growth year-on-year since we began,彼得说.

声音项目 specialises in workplace surveys including employee engagement, customer service 而且 360 leadership surveys. It has worked across all industries 而且 is a market leader in non-government organisations 而且 universities. 的 company has delivered projects for 37 of Australia’s 39 universities 而且 continues ongoing work with 34 of them. Over time these relationships have matured a highly valuable suite of longitudinal data on the sector.

Peter made the choice to start 声音项目 at the conclusion of an internal grant, the non-government organisations he was working with wanted the relationship to continue. What was originally a 50:50 grant co-funded by industry became 100 per cent funded by industry 而且 声音项目 was born. Now the company has delivered more than 1,500 survey projects to over 500 clients including Macquarie. As an example, Macquarie’s most recent staff survey was delivered through 声音项目.

Peter had a young family throughout the time 声音项目 was gaining momentum 而且 he says Macquarie played a huge part in enabling the company to grow. Although the normal risks relating to start-ups may not have been removed they were greatly minimised. Having the opportunity to build a business while employed was important. 当时, the Faculty of Business 而且 Economics permitted one day a week to be spent on industry engagement which went to 声音项目. 的re was a Faculty acceptance that industry engagement could contribute to teaching quality 而且 research opportunities.

“的re was no alleviation of my normal academic duties,彼得说, 但我也从未气馁.”

声音项目 still recruits staff from Macquarie, often graduates out of the Master of Organisational Psychology program, 而且 Peter continues to deliver the occasional guest lecture or workshop at Macquarie. He enjoys the ongoing relationship 声音项目 has with Macquarie. What sets the company apart from its competitors is the focus on research that 声音项目 maintains.

Peter sees 声音项目 continuing to grow in the future. 的 loyal client base 而且 word-of-mouth marketing has developed the long-term relationships that underpin the company’s growth.



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